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What to do if you only have 45 minutes.

Welcome to Wednesday

Oct. 19, 2016

Remember, during Solar Week you or your group can submit a couple of your best questions to the scientists and they will answer on the bulletin board. Click on "Ask a Question" in the left-hand menu.


Group Leader Information

The Active Sun topic, game and activities are designed to introduce your participants to the various ways in which the Sun is active. This includes a number of movies of explosions on the Sun such as solar flares and large eruptions like coronal mass ejections. Much emphasis is given to how these solar storms can impact the Earth.

The activity includes some measurement of images which enables them to calculate the speed of a coronal mass ejection as it leaves the Sun.

Today's game is a pattern recognition game using images relevant to the topic of solar activity. Please make sure you familiarize yourself and your participants with the valid sequences which are shown on a separate crib sheet. The game does not identify the sequences for you. This was a deliberate choice to encourage some thinking about what one of our sequences mean in terms of what is happening on the sun. Each valid sequence mimics a sequence of events on the sun during a solar storm.

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