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October 20, 2016


Remember, during Solar Week you or your group can ask the scientists a question and they will answer on the bulletin board. Click on "Ask a Question" in the left-hand menu.

Group Leader Information

The Solar Eclipse topic, game and activities are designed to introduce your participants to what happens during an eclipse of the Sun when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. In doing this they will learn about eclipses in history and what impact they had on the people who saw them. We concentrate on how we use eclipses (real and fake) to study the atmosphere of the Sun. You can access some basic eclipse preparatory material at our eclipse information page.

The activities concentrates on the Earth's orbit across the sky and how we can use it to learn about the Earth and the Sun. You will get to make a portable inexpensive sundial. The game consists of a fairly simple crossword for print out and completion with clues to help you along the way. To continue, please use the links on the gray navigation bar near the top of the page:
Learn About Solar Eclipses, Play the Game, Do the Activity, Meet Today's Scientists, The Effect on Earth.