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Ask a Question

During Solar Week you can post a question for our scientists to answer!

The way to post a question is to go to the bulletin board and then click on the area you are interested in, for example "Facts About the Sun" or "Being or Becoming a Scientist" and then you will see a button that says "Write a New Post." You will be Anonymous unless you choose to give your name or school.

You may want to Meet the scientists who will be answering your questions.


Here are some ideas on asking a good question:

  • TEACHERS, we encourage you to help your students come up with a couple of GREAT class questions rather than a whole bunch of individual questions. Have a lively group discussion -- think of what you've learned from the daily lesson plans and activities. TAKE ONE OR TWO OF YOUR CLASS'S MOST INTERESTING QUESTIONS AND POST THOSE.
  • Try to make your question a little more interesting and a little bit different from others. Try to think up something that has not been answered before – OR ask something different on a topic that HAS been answered. For instance, don’t just ask  “How hot is the Sun? Instead, ask “Are all parts of the Sun the same temperature?”
  • Ask questions with “who, what, where, when, how?”
  • Use your imagination.
  • Look over the message board and ask questions about explanations you didn’t totally understand, for example, “You said an eclipse happens when the moon covers the Sun, but how does the small Moon cover the big Sun?”
  • Look over the website what questions have already been asked, and don’t ask the same question someone else already has.
  • Make sure to use a descriptive subject line. For example if you are posting  a question about the color of sunspots in the Sunspots forum a subject line of just "Sunspots" is not going to be descriptive enough, instead you might want to put down something like "Color of Sunspots."

For the answer to other questions, such as "Why Didn't My Question Get Answered?" please see the FAQs on the message board below.

You can find our new message board by clicking on the following link: